Today I am pleased to share with you a wedding vendor spotlight for Crumbs Cakery, and it’s owner Christine Chapman.

Wedding cakes are one of the few traditions that cross cultural divides, adapt effortlessly with shifting trends, and are loved by all. Why? Because who doesn’t want dessert?! I would like to consider myself somewhat of an expert on wedding cakes since eating them was one of my primary motivations for becoming a wedding photographer. I’ve concluded there are three key elements a couple should consider when deciding on a bakery; aesthetic, taste, and customer service. All three of these things can be found at the Crumbs Cakery on Bainbridge Island.crumb-cakery-wedding-cakes-01 wedding vendor


So much of our sense of taste is really signals we receive through smell and sight. These are especially important on a day when you are celebrating the joining of two people and their families. A couple’s wedding cake not only feeds their guests a sweet treat but it often ties together a variety of design elements, and symbolizes their relationship. The tradition of feeding each other is supposed to represent the way they will take care of one another for the rest of their lives.

There are a lot of layers of meaning that go into choosing what the wedding cake will look like. (Yes, that was a terrible pun; totally couldn’t help myself.) Crumbs Cakery is well versed in a variety of techniques that go beyond the ordinary. Christine does everything from your traditional to the avant-garde with cake sculpting. Using her skills with fondant, gum paste or modeling chocolate she is able to design a wide variety of things that are not only beautiful but represent the couple.


No matter how beautiful a cake looks, if it’s not delicious, it’s a bust. Luckily Christine has Austrian family recipes handed down from her grandmother that are full of flavor. Crumbs Cakery also has a selection of gluten free cakes with chocolate, vanilla, banana, and strawberry flavors. Clients rave about the flavors as well. Past customers have said,

“THIS CAKE. everyone at the table was dyyiing & even people who don’t like sweets we’re going back for more. We are so thankful! We loved it! You are amazing!”

 “The cake was fantastic! Everyone said it was the best wedding cake they’d ever had!!”

The cake was AMAZING!!!!!!! Absolutely delicious!!! Everyone loved it! 

Thank you so very much for the awesome cake and for helping to make my special day even more perfect then it was.”
More rave reviews can be found on Christine’s facebook page.
crumb-cakery-wedding-cakes-02 wedding vendor
(Yes, this is a cake. I didn’t believe it either!)

Customer Service:

When I ask Christine about what a bride and groom should expect she said,

“I ask a lot of questions! I’m interested in learning about the feel of the wedding. Is it going to be a laid back ceremony on a farm? Or a posh gathering in a top hotel? Also what importance has the cake? Shall it blend into the background, is it a part of a dessert table or is it going to be the eye catcher when the guests enter the reception area? I will ask for color swatches, which flowers are going to be used, wedding invitations and so on. After the gathering of details I’ll make a few sketches which ill be tweaked until the clients are happy.”

Christine understands the values of her customers and enjoys collaboration, using only the best organic ingredients, and taking the time to bake from scratch. Her technique and dedication to her craft is obvious. The Crumbs Cakery services the Olympic Peninsula and Seattle and is excited to help you with your big day!

Contact Info:

You can find Christine and the Crumbs Cakery at the following:

The bakery is by appointment only so be sure to give her a call before you stop by!

8495 Grand Ave Ne.

Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

All images provided by Christine Chapman.