The Saturday after Thanksgiving was mercilessly cold. In many parts of the Puget Sound a good blanket of snow had covered the ground. But for Jina and John, their wedding would be filled with sunshine and surprised (including a power outage!) The wedding day began bright and early. My assistant Jess and I were both up before the sun to make sure we be to the venue on time. The excitement in the air was electric. John couldn’t wait to see his bride and kept going upstairs only to be shooed down by a legion of protective family members.

After our first look, the couple braved the winter air and strong winds to take a few portraits on the lovely grounds of Inglewood Golf Club. However, we couldn’t stay out long because with the wind chill, the temperature was in the teens!

The ceremony was a beautiful gathering, with friends and family coming from remote locations to participate. Cultural traditions were honored and modern elements included, a perfect reflection of this Korean/American Couple.

The reception included a beautifully choreographed dance, a sweet and playful cake cutting, and a good luck tradition of giving nuts and dates to the couple. Finally, as the sun was setting, Jina and John again braved the cold and joined us to watch the sunset over the lake. I love these last images that show the beauty of their day as well as their Korean heritage.