I love wedding shoes. Seeing what each couple puts on their feet because the shoes we wear say a lot about us. I love a custom colored pair of Toms on a bride who’s marrying a guy in cowboy boots.   You can learn a lot about a couple from the shoes they pick. I’ve collected a bunch of my favorite wedding shoes photos to share with you along with some tips on finding the perfect pair just for you.

When thinking about footwear you need to consider three things. First think about the practical side and ask how long am I going to have to stand in these? Then consider the aesthetic.  Ask, do they look like something a construction worker wears each day? Finally, contemplate the narrative.  It’s good to ponder on the quest, what do my shoes say about me? One mistake I see over and over is a bride or groom will only think about one of these elements and ignore the others.  It is possible to find shoes that meet all three requirements! You simply have to know what to look for and what to avoid. Here’s some tips:

  1. Avoid buying heels taller than what you are used to wearing. I understand that short girls want to look tall next to their 6’5” husbands but platform shoes aren’t the answer. A good photographer will help even out the height by the way you are posed and photographed. Your family and friends already know you’re a foot shorter then him so they won’t be worried about it, so why should you? Wearing heels is a good idea, don’t get me wrong. All the cutest shoes are heels (no offense ballet slippers) but go with what you know works for you, don’t overthink it.
  2. Just because your dress will cover your shoes doesn’t mean they aren’t important. Good shoes affect posture. Having good posture will help you feel better about how you look and it will make your photos look better as well.
  3. Don’t forget the groom’s shoes. He needs a pair of kicks that make him look and feel like a million bucks too. And don’t wear converse with a tux, buy dress shoes, and good ones that will make him want to leave his old ratty converse at the gym.
  4. Finally, if you can’t find one pair that works, get a back up. Instead of changing into flip flops change into something classy that also provides a little foot TLC.


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