Here are a few wedding ring ideas taken directly from real couples who I’ve photographed in recent years. I am honestly surprised by the variety and personal touches each couple brings in creating their own wedding band set. While there are trends within this industry, so much of what is chosen is based on personal details.

Wedding Ring Photos

Since each couple’s personalities are often uniquely expressed in the wedding ring choices it’s important to me to photograph their rings in a way that also makes a statement about them. This often means taking clues from their decor or the events planned during the wedding to create custom photos.

For example, this couple’s wedding was going to end with a fireworks show. Lucky for me I had some sparklers from Fourth of July in my trunk at the time. Using three sparklers and a long shutter speed my assistant and I created this photo. Initially, I didn’t have one image with all three burning perfectly, so I created one image out of three photos in Photoshop.

Some other wedding ring ideas include using stones from a grandmother’s ring, engraving a ring with a love note in Elvish (like in Lord of the Rings- Think one ring to rule them all). Using antler from a deer instead of precious metal, or a colored stone that matches your wedding decor.

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Whatever you choose, there are lots of great places to go. Here are some links to quality wedding ring vendors in the Pacific Northwest.

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