Wedding reception table decor is one of the many opportunities a couple has to show off their style. Whether your style is rustic DIY or glitz and glamour, there are tons of great inspirations out there! This post will provide a few Do’s and Don’ts as well as some favorites I’ve photographed in recent years.



  • Look for a centerpiece that has some height of wow factor. But not over the top! Centerpieces that are too large tend obstruction conversation.
  • Try naming the tables instead of numbering them. I have seen couples personalize the tables by naming them after their favorite restaurants, streets they lived on, and bands who’s music they love.
  • Provide a seating chart map if you choose to not number the tables. People are visual!
  • Have a theme for your decor. Try to make sure the decor doesn’t feel out of place in the venue and that it all works together.
  • Be creative! Look for ways you can add your own personal touches to elements that are popular.



  • Rule out flowers. Flowers are a tried and true way to dress up any space. You also get what you pay for! A professional florist will make a world of difference!
  • Forget Menus or programs. Help your guests know what to expect by adding information as a part of each table setting.
  • Leave out personalized favors. Your table decor is a great place to leave a love note to friends and family who attend. Some fun ideas included, personalized sugar cookies, coffee mix, shot glasses, and key shaped bottle openers.


Here are some examples of some lovely wedding reception table decor I am sure you will love! These couples chose to DIY select elements to add personal touches, used quality flowers, and classic elements to bring it all together.