Your wedding guest book doesn’t need to be boring, in fact most these days are much more then a log of who attended. Your guest book can be a keepsake that you’ll look at fondly for years to come. Quite a few of my clients have come up with very clever ideas for their own guest books and I wanted to share some of their drool-worthy ideas in hopes of inspiring you.

wedding guest book ideas


Love wine and refinishing furniture? This inventive couple wanted a reminder of their wedding that they would use everyday. Over the year they spent planning their wedding they collected corks from bottles of wine they shared. At the wedding guests were asked to sign a cork. After the wedding Kara and Will placed the corks under glass in their coffee table with the names visible. Now every time they cuddle up together on the couch they can remember the love they felt and the family that shared their wedding day with them.

wedding guest book ideas

Everyone loves a photo booth! At Paul and Diane’s wedding guests were encouraged to take selfies with props and then share their photos on instagram with their own custom hashtag. This became their digital guest book that they could enjoy instantly. Other couples have gone a more traditional route and used an actual photo printing photo booth. Each photo strip was printed in duplicate so the guests could keep one and the second copy could be glued into a scrapbook. Guests were then asked to write a note to go along with their photo.

wedding guest book ideas wedding guest book ideasOne of the most creative guest books I’ve seen was dictionary. Allison and Kelly are both smart women who’s love for language was easy to see. This adorable couple asked guests to find a word in the dictionary that described either them, or a shared memory and then mark it with a colored post-it note and write in the margins a “personal definition”. The responses varied from the extremely hilarious, to the deeply moving and guaranteed that anytime this dictionary was used in the future that love would be felt.

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Here’s a great way to have fun and relive your wonderful wedding memories; repurpose a game of Jenga into a “guest book”.  Simply provide markers that will write on the wood blocks and some simple instructions.

wedding guest book ideas ijphoto wilde rose weddings arlington country DIY recycle (28)  wedding guest book ideas ijphoto wilde rose weddings arlington country DIY recycle (29)

For couples that love crafting guest books are a great opportunity to personalize. Ally and Casey suggested guest help them make their wedding quilt by signing pre-cut fabric squares. Quilts have traditionally been used as keepsakes so it was a natural choice to make a quilt themed guest book.

My final idea is a little bit more literal: A wedding guest book photo album. So often couples have AMAZING engagement sessions, but no one gets to see all of the photos. Putting together a wedding guest book with photos from your engagement session (or even baby pics) is a timeless way to create a personalized keepsake that you’ll love to pull of the shelf again and again.

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