Looking for some inspiration for your wedding? Here are some great wedding flower ideas from real weddings I’ve photographed. Each wedding is unique and wedding flowers are a great way to make your event personalized.

Tips and Tricks

  • To save money on florals trying picking what’s in season. If your wedding is in September choose flowers that are known to bloom at that time of year.
  • Flowers color is controlled by nature, so keep in mind they probably won’t exactly match the colors you’ve chosen for your decor. Look for something that complements and added depth to your particular palette.
  • Buying at a farmers market can save money. Or if you have a green thumb and plan ahead you can actually grow your flowers yourself! Many of the prettiest varieties are annuals which mean they grow to maturity and bloom in a year’s time. Just make sure you know how to build a bouquet like a pro!
  • Decorating with greenery can be a great way to class up any space. Plus, greenery goes with everything!
  • Choose one statement piece and then let your florist fill in the gaps. Allowing your vendor room to be creative with their own wedding flower ideas will pay off for sure!
  • Weight matters! Remember you’ll be carrying your bouquet around all day, so make sure you can lift it by choosing a size and shape that is manageable.
  • Incorporate non-floral elements into your flowers such as feathers, vintage jewelry, origami paper flowers, etc to add some interest to your wedding flowers.
  • Keep in mind that some flowers have a lot of pollen and will stain your dress. Make sure to remove these parts of the flower beforehand if you are doing your own bouquet.
  • Certain flowers last a lot longer than others after being cut. Tulips, for example, bloom rapidly and fade quickly. Roses are a floral staple because of how well they hold up.
  • Carnations and some other flowers can be dyed by adding color to the water. This can be a fun and retro way to get some unnatural colors into your bouquet.

Florists to Consider

Here are some of the florists that help create the beautiful looks seen above: