I posted last week a few tips of my own on some wedding flower ideas. This week I asked some of my favorite florists their thoughts and got some great tips straight from the pros. Here’s what they had to say:

Tiffany Cole of Flowers by Tiffany suggests:

“Know your budget, generally this is 10-14% of your overall wedding budget. This really depends on how important the flowers are to you….and your day! I always try and work within my couples budget, this is where the knowledge of flowers, and availability come into play. Colors are huge, trying to work within budget and get the flowers/colors correct! Although I do believe any written quote/order should remain the same as the original quote. So that means we do our job, quote the price as correctly as possible, and have the client know there is always the chance that circumstances may change the availability! We are not “God” and cannot control weather, and availability at times! Always know that multi- use of flowers from ceremony to reception are expected…all bridal and bridesmaids bouquets, aisle flowers, even large arbor pieces should be used to help add decor to the reception!”

Jelena Krezeszowski of JBK Weddings and Events says:

“A good floral designer will make suggestions for different types of designs to stay within your budget. If you want all tall full arrangements then break it up and do some smaller arrangements so it won’t break the bank. Also reuse the flowers from your ceremony in your reception. Use your bridal bouquets to decorate your head table or decor around your venue. Use alter pieces for buffets. Use your aisle decor/arrangements for your centerpieces.”

Julia Miller of Julia’s Floral¬†shares:

“Realize that Pinterest and internet blogs have saturated the wedding world with images of other people’s weddings, as well as “inspirational photo shoots,” which are staged weddings that aren’t even real. Your wedding is likely the greatest opportunity you’ll have to express your own, unique personality in front of your family and friends. Don’t miss the opportunity by copying someone else’s wedding flowers. Find a floral designer who is experienced and capable, and competent with a wide variety of styles. Work with that florist to help you create a unique look for your wedding that will be beautiful and memorable. A floral designer who has your permission to design, rather than being given images off of the internet to copy, will be thankful to have you as a client, and will appreciate the opportunity to be an artist, rather than an order-filler.”


Wise words from some very talented people! If you’re looking for a talented florist please contact the vendors above, you won’t be disappointed!

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