I have seen many wedding dress trends come and go during my career as a wedding photographer. In 2017 we saw movements away from some long-standing looks to fresh designs and styles. Personally, I was ecstatic! For a very long time, wedding dress trends seemed to be stuck in a strapless, A-line rut. Not to knock, that style, but with the variety of body shapes out there, it’s good to see a larger selection of beautiful designs that flatter all kinds of people.

In 2017 alone I was blown away by some of the beautiful choices my clients made for their wedding dresses. So I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you and discuss wedding dress trends for 2018 and beyond.


The clear standout wedding dress trend this year was illusion fabric. This flesh tone(ish) tulle mesh. Combined with lace appliques it creates a romantic look that I saw a lot of brides wearing this year. It also helps designers make more creative choices with sleeves and necklines than was previously possible. I loved Marie’s dress shown in the photo above. The delicate buttons down the back and lace on the shoulders looked stunning on her! I also love that she opted for a fit and flare skirt. It really showed off her lovely silhouette.

Lace and Cutouts

A trend that is continuing in full force is lace! After many years of being thought of as “old” “grandmaish”, or “outdated” lace has actually become very popular in recent years. Add to that the creative cut-outs it can produce (like the keyhole back on Sarah’s dress above) and it’s a really romantic combination. A lot of the lace you see today in wedding dress trends has bold patterns. This is a departure from the more outdated lace styles girls avoided for many years. In addition to being very stylish, Sarah’s dress was lightweight and extremely affordable ($400!!). She was comfortable from start to finish even though her wedding was on a rather warm summer day. Just one more reason why this trend will probably be around for a while.


Old is the New “New”

Angela’s mermaid cut, strapless dress had beautiful beading and a classic shape. What’s different about this dress is that it was bought on consignment. More and more brides are looking to reduce, reuse, and recycle when it comes to finding their wedding dresses. They understand that the timeless elegance of last season’s dresses come at a much more affordable price when purchased second hand.

Finding the right wedding dress can be a challenge. More than anything, each bride should choose a dress that she feels beautiful in. Trends will come and go but true love (with your perfect dress) lasts forever.

The dresses featured in this post were purchased at: LaBelle Salon, Blue Sky Bridal