For blog posts in the month of May I’ve looked through my archives of weddings over the past couple of years and put together a collection of wedding decor ideas to fit a variety of styles. I thought it only natural to share with the engaged couples that visit my blog the library of quality visuals I’ve collected. In this series you’ll see weddings with modern elements, great color, classic styling, and unique personal touches. All the ideas you’ll want to Pin and make your own at the celebration you are planning. I also thought it would be great to give you a little advice about designing your wedding too.  This week I thought I’d start with one of the most popular wedding decor themes; the intersection of burlap, and sequins: Country Glam.

wedding decor ideas country ijphoto wedding decor ideas ijphoto country wedding decor ideas country wedding decor ideas country ijphoto

The key elements to this style is mixing sparkle with natural elements. Wooden slices, rhinestones, and burlap are a must. The color pallet is usually soft and romantic. This style pairs well with pastels like blush pink, mint green, gold, and dusty rose. Other less obvious pallets might include lavender, dusty teal, ivory, and slate grey.  Whimsical details are also a must. (Etsy is your best friend for these personal touches). If you think you love this style you’ll want to find a historical farm house, a barn with glittering chandeliers, or host your event in your backyard! wedding decor ideas ijphoto wedding decor ideas country ijphoto wedding decor ideas country ijphoto

Because weddings typically held at these locations are more relaxed you have the opportunity to get creative. For example, have a dessert table with non-traditional treats such as popcorn, milk and cookies, or ice cream sundaes! Dress up these causal treats with some glamorous elements and you’ll find your guests enthralled with your creative mix of country and classy elements. Finally remember that wedding planning isn’t about the decor, it’s about the love you feel. Keep the love you share at the heart of your planning and everything will fall into place!


Here’s some vendors you might want to consider to help you pull of this fantastic style:

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