Unique Wedding First Dance Song Ideas

After 18 years of being a wedding photographer, I have only one complaint. Bad song choices for the first dance. Please don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with a couple choosing a song that has deep personal meaning but maybe is unknown to me. My problem is when I go to 8 weddings in a month and all of them are dancing to the same Ed Sheeran song. (Nothing against Ed, love the guy.) So I polled my DJ friends and asked them what unique wedding first dance songs would like their clients to pick. One DJ in particular had all the right answers…


Alan Chitlik of Puget Sound DJ sent me several lists of non-traditional songs perfect for a First Dance. Here are his picks by genre.

Modern – https://open.spotify.com/…/playlist/5V5eAMuTVtBvOtnOpaVec0

Classics – https://open.spotify.com/…/playlist/5XLZ1wzxfCirWIgTAkEJsd

Ratpack – https://open.spotify.com/…/playlist/0oAZ4GlTD8olghPUvlHMH5

Country – https://open.spotify.com/…/playlist/2KVxMJPTUFyAT8Fgx3jnSh

Rock Power Ballads – https://open.spotify.com/…/playlist/2KVxMJPTUFyAT8Fgx3jnSh

After checking out his lists I wanted to throw a party just to hire him! Seriously- this guy knows his stuff! But on to some stories and photos, shall we?

The Wedding Singer

Ali and Jordan’s had a unique wedding first dance song. It was Adam Sandler’s “I Wanna Grow Old With You” from the movie the Wedding Singer. Jordan chose this song because he said it was exactly the same thoughts he had about Ali when they first fell in love and he wanted everyone to know it. However, he had a hard time finding the song so his best man hooked up his computer and they played the sound from the youtube clip during the first dance. I thought that was a great DIY solution!

Unique Wedding First Dance Songs

 A Father/Daugther Dance to Remember

Anna and Colin’s wedding was filled with dancing. Her parents loved to dance and many of their close family and friends routinely went ballroom dancing. As soon as the reception started I could tell her Father was waiting for something. I asked and he told me how much he was looking forward to his dance with his daughter. When the time came they waltzed to an instrumental piece I am unfamiliar with. Even though I don’t know the artist, it was a breath of fresh air to see a classic dance done with such grace.

Mother/Son Dance Magic

Growing up Cole’s home was the hangout spot for he and his friends. When Angela came into his life, she became close to his mother as well. This mother and son dance was all about the special bond between parents and their children. They chose Tim McGraw’s Humble and Kind. What started out with happy tears ended in laughter. I enjoyed their spin on the dance floor immensely!

Whatever you play, choose music that makes your heart skip a beat or two. 😉