in home family portrait session with 3 month old ijphotoJust over two years ago I met the Dixon family. A relative of theirs had seen a photo I posted of another darling newborn and sent word to the Dixon’s that they needed to check me out. After a fun initial meeting, the Dixon’s decided to hire me to photograph their daughter’s first year as part of my Baby Bundle Program (more on this below). Over the course of the last 2 years I have gotten to watch darling miss Paige grow from a super sleepy newborn, into the fun, and self motivated toddler she is today. Along the way their family has been joined by a sweet little brother named Bennett, shown here during our most recent portrait session.  Bennett is 4 months old, a persistent eater, and just the sweetest guy you will ever meet. His long eye lashes and deep brown eyes are just as captivating as his perfect smile.

ijphoto_family_portrait_newborn_sister (3)Working with a family over the course of a few years allows for some unique opportunities. Not only have we photographed in a variety of different places, but I’ve had the chance to build a relationship with Paige (and her parents too) that allows for trust and I feel a higher quality portrait. Most of all, I’ve come to understand the needs of their family and how I can help them best create a personal family history. Their portrait investment will become a lifelong blessing that will increase in value year after year.

This is the purpose of the Baby Bundle plan; creating memories that honor the gift of familial love. Each of the 5 included sessions are designed around a few key factors.

  1. Your family situation
  2. Your child’s development
  3. Your family history

Knowing about your family and your specific needs is the first step to creating a session.  I want to know if you have other children, or is this your first? Do you have a close knit extended family that you want to include in your session? What are the hobbies/interests/careers of you and your spouse? Can we incorporate that into your session? The next step is understanding that the milestones of each child play a great deal into how each session is photographed. Some babies (like Bennett) love tummy time and  want nothing more than to smile for you, others can’t stand it and will scream the second their little bellies come in contact with anything. Knowing this information will help me make proper posing and photographic decisions to give you the best images. Finally, knowing how you want to preserve and display your photographs changes our session’s plan as well. I like to photograph families during the 6-8 month range because babies can sit up better by then, they love to smile at this age, and they still look like a baby! By the time one year has hit, your little one has lost all of those newborn features and is more a toddler then a baby. Keeping that in mind, and in an effort to be flexible, we photographed the Dixon family all together during Bennett’s 3 month session simply because we wanted to send out Valentines! (Great alternative to Christmas cards btw.)

ijphoto_family_portrait_newborn_sister (4)So, here’s how the Baby Bundle Plan works. You pick your schedule, (either maternity 30ish weeks along , 1 Week, 4 month, 8 months, and 1 year, OR 1 week, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year) a custom art piece for each session, and your desired resolution for your digital files. I help you choose each sessions location and clothing options. Then when all the sessions are complete I make you a custom baby album with your favorite photos from each session!

The process is easy, stress free, and a tremendous value.  The baby bundle plan is $1000 for the five sessions with digital files and wall art sold separately.  For more information please contact me directly to schedule your free consultation.