Every once and a while I get to photograph a wedding at the LDS Seattle Temple (located in Bellevue). I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, so the Mormon Temple is a place where I go to worship. It’s nice to get to work somewhere that has personal significance for me. Normally my jobs are located in hotels,  or at a golf course, or churches of different religions. When I am hired by a couple of my same faith it’s a treat. Kylie and Blake’s wedding was an exceptional delight. This lovely couple were so easy to photograph, so completely in love, and just so great together! Every minute of their wedding was memorable (and picture worthy). I wanted to share a couple quick highlights and from their day.

LDS Seattle Temple Wedding

The gardens at the Seattle temple are filled with a lovely variety of plants and flowers. One of my favorite corners has a  trellis covered in wisteria. Blake and Kylie are the kind of people that look like they just stepped off the cover of a fashion magazine. It was great putting these two elements together and then using a little artistic blur to really add some visual interest to this shot.
LDS Seattle Temple Wedding

It’s a thing among LDS couples to get a shot in front of the temple. In our faith the temple is a place were we not only preform marriages, we also make covenants. The purpose of the temple is to help us come unto Christ. We believe that families are a big part of that and that we can be with our families forever through the covenants we make in the temple. As we were shooting I noticed the cloud formation behind the Seattle temple. I really wanted a shot that expressed the love of these two as well as included the symbol of eternity that the temple is for members of our church. It was a happy coincidence that these clouds seemed to part around the spire. It really gives this photos that little something special.

LDS Seattle Temple WeddingI  also really liked that Kylie and Blake have a lot of fun together. I asked Blake to pick Kylie up and spin her in a circle, don’t you just love what her dress did as they spun?LDS Seattle Temple Wedding


The reception was held at Kylie’s family home in Snohomish. After a lovely ceremony and our portraits the couple were whisked away in a white Bentley. I snapped this one before they took off.  Congratulations to you two! May God bless your marriage with peace and joy for time and all eternity.