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Seattle Proposal Photographer - Paparazzi Proposals - IJ Seattle Wedding Photograhy

I have become a Seattle Proposal Photographer thanks to Paparazzi Proposals and a few clients who are great at googling. A few weeks ago I photographed a lovely couple’s engagement at Parson’s Gardens.  After several emails back and forth, I found myself lurking around the park on a Saturday afternoon trying not to be conspicuous as Kuri and Sonya entered the park. This beautiful pair were in town vacationing and had visited many of the beautiful parks all across our city. One place they had yet to see was Kerry Park, the iconic scenic viewpoint on QueenAnne Hill. Parson’s Gardens is just down the road from Kerry Park and MUCH quieter. On the weekends in June Kerry Park is filled with teens about to head to Prom. Parson’s Gardens had a few Prom goers but mainly beautiful quiet corners where a couple could share a private moment.

In one of these great spots, Kuri got on one knee and asked the question Sonya was hoping he’d ask. Sonya did notice me photographing (it’s hard not to!) after the moment was over and I introduced myself. We then went around the park, the surrounding neighborhood, and finally Kerry Park for some portraits to commemorate the occasion. It was so fun to see how easily they connected! Kuri couldn’t take his eyes off Sonya and I caught them both several times admiring her new ring. When we finally made it to Kerry Park is was packed! Luckily I know a secret spot where you don’t have to fight the crowd to get a great shot of the city.

Paparazzi Proposals- Seattle Proposal Photographer

I found out about Kuri’s plans through Paparazzi Proposals. They are a nationwide company that contract photographers to shoot proposals. I love working with them because it means meeting couples from all over like this wonderful pair. If you are planning to pop the questions I’d love to be your Seattle Proposal Photographer!



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