When you photograph as many weddings as I have over the years, there is one unavoidable, totally adorable side effect: newborn photos. Over the years it’s been a common occurrence to hear from a former bride about 1-2 years after her wedding. Our conversations go a lot like this; “Hi Irene, it’s so nice to talk to you! We still love our wedding photos and show the album all the time! So I don’t know if you’d be interested, or if you even do this kinda thing, but would you be willing to photograph my baby when he/she is born?” I can’t help but be filled with joy knowing that I get to capture a new chapter in this couple’s lives. In fact, our family started it’s own new chapter this last week when on Feb. 8 our youngest  daughter was born!  Lauren Rae Jones  was 8 lbs 14 oz and 21.5 inches long at her birth. And because I have some experience in photographing newborns, it didn’t take me long to get out my camera. So I hope you don’t mind indulging me as I share some of my newborn photography of my daughter, and a few others images from some of my clients in and around Seattle.

These images are just a few examples of my work, I have big plans for many more portraits of my new daughter in the coming weeks. One of which will take several months and a trip to Eastern Washington to complete. Why? Because I love the look of location photography, but Seattle doesn’t always lend itself to that style. Our weather makes it challenging to photograph infants on location. Newborns are sensitive to climate and often best photographed naked. Our 45 degree temperatures combined with persistent rain, make it impossible to mix the two. So, to accomplish my goals, I’ve begun using a Photoshop technique called, compositing. This style of photography takes elements photographed separately and puts them together into one image. Here is an example of compositing I did of myself as a maternity portrait.

The above image is a combination of 7 images. 3 different pieces for the background, two different pieces for my hair and body, and 2 more pieces for the wind blown material. I could have easily just showed up on the location and photographed myself in the snow, but photoshopping the images together made sure I got exactly what I wanted without risking hypothermia. Here’s a few more composites. For all of these images, elements were photographed separately of the subject and put together in Photoshop.

Of course, this process is a little time consuming, so for each session I like to also do some images straight out of camera, but still with a storytelling flair. Here’s a few examples of my favorites.

Maternity portrait sessions are also available. Don’t forget to ask about the Baby Bundle Programs where you can get 5 sessions and an album that includes photos from your baby’s first year! More info can be found on the pricing page, or by calling me at 425.232.5263