Aaron and Rachael had planned a big wedding but as things progressed it just didn’t feel right. They wanted to be married and the sooner the better. So, on May 9, I joined this beautiful couple at the Maleg Regional Justice Center as their Seattle Elopement Photographer.

The week before this couple had done a styled shoot with me. During that shoot, we did a lot of romantic and dramatic photos. Their wedding had a very different feel. Instead of longing looks into the camera, I wanted this pair to really show off their connection to one another. Rachael is in her words “an easy cryer” which I love. I think it’s wonderful when people have such an easy time sharing their emotions. I loved that all it took was Aaron touching her face to move her to tears. Their love is deep and lasting and I felt so blessed to not only photograph them for a styled shoot but their real wedding as well.

Perfect Place for an Elopement

Despite it’s less than romantic name, the Maleg Regional Justice Center is perfect for an elopement. Luckily the judge that married our couple was willing to do the ceremony outside. The gardens in the courtyard¬†were beautiful. I loved that the copper arches were covered in greenery. Couples might honestly pay quite a bit to achieve these same look somewhere else. Aaron and Rachael were smart enough to pick a spot that needed no adjustments. The ceremony was short but still filled with laughs and happy tears. The circular courtyard was lined with loved ones as vows were said. Following the ceremony, there were more hugs and tears all around. Then a bouquet toss as the couple said their goodbyes.

What really makes a wedding special is the love felt for all. Beautiful food, flowers, and decorations add to this but I found it refreshing that Aaron and Rachael understood that they aren’t necessary to make a wedding special. All you need is true love.