What is required to make romantic wedding photos? Simple. Real love, a savvy photographer, and great light.

2017 Favorites

My favorite romantic wedding photos all have the same things in common. There is a look shared only between people in love. It’s a longing mixed with belonging. It’s a feeling of optimism and comfort wrapped up in two people. Below are some photos I am the proudest of from 2017.

Angela and Cole wanted to do a few photos on the beach at sunset at their wedding. NOTHING is more romantic than a beautiful sunset. I thought it would be fun to photograph them as a silhouette with these lovely trees. Luckily just as we got to the beach the sun was setting right between the trees. I had them stand so the sun was at chest level. Personally, I think the image is romantic because of the metaphor it illustrates. Romance is more about the idea than a literal act and this photo is one of my favorite examples of that.

Though Jen is alone in this photos I still included it in my favorite romantic wedding photos because romance is also about longing. When two people that love each other are apart there is an incompleteness that is actually quite beautiful in its own right. Also, romantic wedding photos need a sense of anticipation. This photo was photographed just a few minutes before the ceremony.

Romance isn’t about the big gestures always. I think the best images have quiet little moments. Like this one with Bryan and Marie. I love how tenderly he is kissing her forehead. It’s the gentleness that I see between couples that gets me every time!

I’m a sucker for photos that capture that moment right before a kiss. I love the passion, tenderness, and expectation they include. Lucky for us, Katheryn and Jon’s wedding happened on a beautiful day in an amazing garden. All we had to do was let them spend a few minutes together on a bench and magic ensued.

Then there are the happy accidents that make a romantic wedding photo work. During Ali and Rochelle’s wedding, a dogwood tree was in full bloom. Many of the blossoms were falling from the tree. All we had to do was give the tree a little wind and a shake and they were showered with¬†petals.

Jennifer and Wilson’s wedding ended in the most romantic way imaginable, fireworks! I simply wanted them to stand and enjoy the show together so I could get a silhouette. Their holding hands creates a connection and makes me happy!

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