Claire and Tristan wanted photos that included the beautiful Rolls Royce from British Motor Coach to drive them around Seattle as we toured the city and photographed in the most iconic locations (MoPop, Kerry Park, Pike Place). We did a few with the car at the beginning of our shoot, but it was just too pretty to ignore and we revisited it a few times through the next two hours. When we arrived at Kerry Park we used the car to hide the crowd of sightseers visiting the best view in our city for the shot at the top of the page. After Kerry Park we headed down the road to another little tucked away garden. I wanted to give Claire and Tristan a good variety of images, so far we had shot a lot of great images that felt very urban. They love clean modern lines, but I thought it would be good to take a few that were in a more natural setting for contrast. Just outside the park the Rolls Royce was parked and as we headed out of the garden I had the idea that we frame the couple using the garden gate. Claire mentioned they had a “Thank You” sign she made and wanted to do some pictures with it for their thank you cards. So this photo was born. Then it was time to head to their wedding ceremony at the Fremont Foundry.  Claire and Tristan crawled into the car and snuggled up for a quiet moment. I couldn’t resist taking a candid shot through the driver’s side window and my favorite moment from their wedding was born. It’s the intimate and quiet moments on a wedding day that feel are the most romantic and I was really happy with the results of this quick capture. I hope you enjoyed their photos as well!
Rolls Royce claire- tristan- ijphoto- wedding- freemont- foundry (98) copy Rolls Royce claire- tristan- ijphoto- wedding- freemont- foundry (150) copy Rolls Royce ijphoto_seattle_wedding_photographer110