I decided to do a little rebranding recently. I love my company’s logo but I HATED how it translated into a watermark. A good watermark is crucial to a photographer because it helps bring in referrals when clients post their photos online. The logo was too busy for a watermark and impossible to read. This lead to confusion about my company name. It doesn’t help that IJ Photo wasn’t always the name of my business. I started out at Irene Jones Photography then rebranded to IJ Photo in 2012 after my return to health. I thought the name would actually be easier for clients because they often called my business IJ Photo anyway since that is the web address.

Recently I had noticed how many photographers (mainly using their name) had great logos that looked like a signature. I got jealous. Probably because I’m left handed. My handwriting is terrible so I’ve always secretly wanted a great signature. I tried out a web design service that makes custom signatures for you by a calligrapher. While the results were beautiful, they weren’t logo material and I started playing the facebook game where you post a bunch of options and see what different people think depending on their social circle. I found out quickly the photographers loved the signature style as much as I do but my clients hated it. Clients and potential clients alike all loved my old logo. I was shocked.

So I went back to the drawing board and came up with what I hope is a happy medium. The main reason people liked the signature logo was it’s simplicity. My logo has a lot going on. The old logo was said to be “professional” and “showcase my personality” it was also “high end”. Those are critiques that I took to heart. The old logo stays (for now) and the new watermark version tries to incorporate the simplicity of the signature. Hopefully it will keep my rebranding cohesive and help people to recognize my company as great place for wedding, beauty, and baby photography.