A popular new(er) wedding tradition is a First Look. This is simply a personal moment between the Bride and Groom prior to the ceremony and photos where they get to see each other all dressed up for their wedding day for the first time. Some fear these are overly staged, or fake, but as a photographer, I disagree! Yes, there is planning involved¬†(what part of the wedding day isn’t planned?) but the emotions are 100% real. I’d like to share with you some real wedding first look moments so you can decide for yourself.

Angela and Cole

This first look happened on a family friend’s private dock overlooking the Puget Sound just off of Anacortes. To keep the big reveal a surprise we had Cole stand looking out to the water as Angela quietly crept up behind him. She tapped him on the shoulder and he was instantly blown away (duh!). This made Angela cry- happy tears of course. The two took a private moment and told her each about how excited they were to start their lives together. All the while I photographed their tender moments from the rocks and shore a little distance away.

Can’t you just see the love in his eyes? Cole has a habit of kissing Angela on the forehead and throughout their wedding day, I saw him do it many times. I was glad to capture this personal gesture of affection for the first time during their first look.¬† You can see more of their wedding here.

After the first look, we visited a couple local parks in Anacortes then headed to the Transit Shed for their ceremony on the pier and nautical themed wedding. Every moment was filled with beautiful emotions and it was a pleasure to capture it for such a wonderful, loving couple. Congrats again Angela and Cole!