Olympic Sculpture Park Wedding, Seattle, WA

This Olympic Sculpture Park wedding is nothing short of perfect. I don’t know if I’m supposed to have a “favorite” wedding but to be totally honest, this is it. Meet Mariam and Taz. These two not only have planned a perfect multi-day event that brought together their families cultures from multiple continents, they included their love of food, music, and passion for friends, family and one another. They successfully tied together their past, present, and future with their wedding. This is no easy task! Here’s how they pulled it off.

Day 1: Washington Park Arboretum

After a short ceremony, Mariam and Taz went with me for a short session in the Park. Afterward, close friends and family enjoyed a lovely meal, laughter, and gifts for the new couple. It was fun to see how tightly knit these families are, and how easily they interacted with one another. I loved the food and the overall joy that filled the evening.

Day 2: Fairmont Hotel, Seattle Waterfront, and the Olympic Sculpture Park Wedding

The next day I joined Mariam at the Fairmont Hotel where she was getting ready for another day of celebrations. Taz would meet us later for the first look. Her wedding dress was stunning! I loved the details of the dress, her shoes, and jewelry. All are very intricate but worked together perfectly. Taz met us at a favorite spot not too far from the hotel. I loved his expression when he saw Mariam for the first time! It was also fun to see his reaction when he opened a special gift from her. From there we headed north to the Cruise Terminal for a quick stop and then on to their Olympic Sculpture Park Wedding.

More Friends, Food, and Fun

It is not an exaggeration to say that these two are loved by many! Toast after toast extolled their kind and generous natures, their gifts for genuine connection, and love of all of the best things in life. Then came Taz’s youngest brother’s toast which stole the show! This 2 min. roast will go down in history as one of the best I’ve ever seen. It was so good Taz and Mariam were doubled over in laughter and tears! After the toasts and cake cutting, the room erupted into a dance party of epic proportions! But the night wasn’t over. Our last event of the night included an attire change and Sudanese wedding traditions to honor the newlyweds.

So why is this wedding my favorite? Mariam and Taz’s Olympic Sculpture Park Wedding was a mix of all of my favorite parts of a wedding. It included their deep roots. It honored their families and friends. It celebrated their commitment to one another. It delighted the senses with great food, wonderful decor, and music. And it was just the beginning.

Congratulations to Mariam, Taz and their families.


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