A newborn portrait session is unlike any other session I do. First of all, they are the only people I photograph naked. Second, I photograph newborns while they are sleeping, something I never do with adults- that would be creepy. Finally, a newborn portrait session take three to four hours, involve lots of different props (something I also avoid with adults) and generally leave me covered in sweat.  So, why would anyone in there right mind want to photograph newborn portraits? I have three reasons for you:


  1. Creativity:

seattle newborn portrait photographer ijphoto irene jones photography

There is something that I find really inspiring about newborn portraits. Recently I have been doing a lot of photoshop work to take my baby photos to the next level. This portrait is a good example of that. I found the bench she is laying on over two years ago and ever since purchasing it I have been trying to make an image where it looked like it grew out of the forest floor. After photographing little week old Brookyn on the bench in her home I visited the Bellevue Botanical Gardens and looked for the perfect spot under a moss covered tree so complete my vision. Blending the background and the photo of Brookyn together was a time consuming process, but I have very pleased with the results and think her parents will be as well. P.s. I also made the flower crown, another fun creative diversion.


2. Storytelling:seattle newborn portrait photographer ijphoto irene jones photography

There are lots of photos based on the fairytale story of the Princess and the Pea. I thought it was my turn to try. Luckily little Brookyn decided that she liked her bed made of many mattresses and shared a smile with us. What I love most about my work is telling a story. With newborn photos the story can be just about anything, which leaves a lot of room for some adorable images.


3. All babies are beautiful!

Every baby is a miracle. My clients understand this and can’t wait to celebrate and honor that blessed gift. They understand that portraits are a great way to do that, as well as remind ourselves of that we are God’s artwork. We are made in his image and blessed to be his children. Becoming a parent reminds us of that and brings us closer to God. I am honored to photograph these cute little ones. Thank you to the Nguyen family for letting me capture your family history one frame at a time. seattle newborn portrait photographer ijphoto irene jones photography


To see more of this session please visit: http://ijphoto.shootproof.com/gallery/2779320/