Taking to the Skies: Erin and Matthew’s Wedding at the Museum of Flight

Erin loves all things related to air travel. She’s a pilot who loves adventure and trying new things. Her wedding at the Museum of Flight was nothing short of action-packed!

Honoring and Building Traditions

Our day began in the early afternoon. These two were not interested in fitting their wedding into any standard mold. They wanted a lively party and photos that showed the action, instead of the standard moments. So after a quick photo session, the couple prepared for the ceremony and guests began arriving. A stilts walker dressed as a flight attendant welcomed guests as they arrived! This was just a hint of what was to come.

The ceremony was built around Quaker traditions and included a moment of reflection for all parties to contemplate the union. Then the marriage license was signed by not just the couple and their witnesses, but all of the wedding party! Every guest would be invited throughout the night to sign the document which now proudly hangs in this couple’s home. Even I signed it!

A Night to Remember

After their ceremony guests were encouraged to join Matthew and Erin for a cocktail hour. The couple started off the night with their first dance. They were followed by a unicyclist team, a belly dancer, and a big ring acrobat.

In addition to the entertainment, guests enjoyed the aeronautical theme. The seating chart was formatted as an arrival/departures board from the airport. Each guest had a place card in a boarding pass motif. To top it off, each table had a custom wooden centerpiece with the latitude and longitude for their “destinations”. Each table was a specific place that held meaning for the couple. Matthew did all of the woodwork himself! Additionally, each guest took home an airplane shaped bottle opener.