Seattle Wedding Photographer Pricing Tool

I created this tool to help newly engaged couples find a budget starting point for their Seattle Wedding Photographer.

To operate move the sliders left and right to see how the three pricing factors change the rate the average Seattle Wedding Photographer charges. By adjusting three key components you can find a ballpark figure for what you might spend on this valuable service. The first slider, Expertise, represents how much time a photographer has spent behind the camera photographing weddings. The second slider, Quality relates to the quality of the photographer’s images and the customer service they provide. The final slider identifies how much a couple would like to spend on products including digital files, albums, 2nd photographers, etc.

Chances are the perfect Seattle wedding photographer for you lies somewhere in the middle of these three sliders.


Some things to keep in mind:

  • These numbers are designed to be a guide. They are averages and do not reflect anyone specific photographer’s pricing structure. The right photographer for you might not fit this guide at all, and that’s ok! Choose the photographer you love for a variety of reasons, not just price.
  • This Seattle wedding photographer pricing tool assumes that you are looking for a package that includes 8 consecutive hours of photography by 1 photographer and that all photographers price their products the same. Both of these assumptions may not be the case for you.
  • The quality of a photographers work slider takes into account customer service as well as the quality of the images. Thus the reason you can have an inexperienced photographer with a high quality of work score.
  • Experience in the photography world is tricky. Someone could say they have been a professional for 20+ years but have only shot 1 wedding per year. Or someone could be a full-time wedding photographer for only 3 years but has shot over a hundred weddings. Please consider this slider as a “number of weddings photographed” over years working in the industry.
  • The average couple spends 10-15% of their total wedding budget on photography. Couples that live in Seattle, WA Zip Code 98101 spend between $16,914 and $28,190 on average for their wedding. The Knot in a 2015 survey said the average wedding cost is over $32,000. Whatever you decide your total wedding budget will be, the 10-15% is a good rule of thumb.
  • For more information about how experience, quality, and products are related to the cost of a Seattle Wedding Photographer, check out this free guide I created.