Beauty shoots are the modern answer to the 1980’s Glamour photos. My recent Locket Studios Beauty shoot was a wonderful collaboration between Bethany Yakel (a talented makeup artist) and Astelle Christoff as our model. For this shoot we did three different makeup looks, all of which were natural, feminine, and romantic. Bethany did a great job highlighting Astelle’s bright eyes with all three looks. I especially loved the lip color she chose for the second look, the deep, moody plum was perfect with Astelle’s soft skin tone.

Astelle is a model I highly recommend for other photographers, she take direction well but doesn’t need a lot of it. I really enjoy working with models that understand the need for story and purpose in their expressions. Some models look like there is nothing going on behind their eyes in photographs. Astelle’s looks are engaging. Looking at her you can tell she’s a person of many interests. She was great in front of the camera, knew how to pose herself, and wasn’t afraid to try weird things.

Speaking of weird things… Locket Studios has a wonderful collection of vintage pieces. I loved the dress form and wanted to do something surreal with it. Originally I planned to make it a part of her body but as I worked on the image in photoshop I found that I loved it with only the arms. We also did a few other photoshop tricks to create the blowing hair photo. That image was a composite of a few different frames. Bethany helped by throwing Astelle’s hair around while she held as still as possible. I put them together in photoshop to make for a perfect windswept moment.

A huge thanks to Jennifer Brown, the owner of Locket Studios for the use of her amazing space and diverse and inspiring wardrobe. Not only was every detail of the space a creative’s dream, but Jennifer was so willing and helpful! Great things happen when creatives come together! Links to the amazing people who worked on this shoot below. See more of these images on my Facebook page or Instagram.

Bethany Yakel Beauty: Facebook – Instagram

Astell Christoff: FacebookInstagram

Locket Studios: WebsiteInstagram