A LDS Seattle Temple Wedding is unlike your average wedding. For one thing, out of respect for the holiness of the temple, the ceremony isn’t photographed. (Before you say that’s weird, keep in mind all cultures look weird to someone else, right 🙂 ) So the main job a photographer has at a wedding like this is making fantastic portraits. This can be challenging when you’ve never met your clients before in person. A family friend recommended me to Blake and Kylie. They booked me just from her glowing review.

After they were married we took a succession of several group shots and they greeted all of their friends and family outside the temple. Once the family had all left I stood there with this pair and wondered “okay now what?” I normally have met people a few times before their wedding day. Because this wasn’t the case I was nervous!  I pretended to calmly guide them over to a nice group of trees and frantically tried to deduce their personalities with nothing to go on. While I was setting up my camera a looked up and saw the couple giggling together so naturally. I quickly snapped the first photo you see here and all of my worries disappeared.

Even after seventeen years in photography I still get butterflies when working with new people. I understand how important wedding photos are and I just want to portray a couple’s love in a real and genuine way. Upon seeing that Blake and Kylie had a very easy way with one another (and that they were so crazy in love they didn’t even notice I was there) I knew I had nothing to worry about. So for the next hour we made our way around the Seattle LDS Temple doing some of my favorite portraits for a Mormon wedding to date.

After our portraits were finished we headed to Kylie’s family home for a reception. It was a sweet backyard party with lots of friends and family to wish the happy couple well. The bride mentioned to me that she’d grown up in this house and I suggested we take a photo of them on the porch. Lucky for us the sun came through the trees perfectly illuminating their romantic kiss. I also loved the selfie I caught them taking too!

Best wishes to Blake and Kylie in all of the adventures that await them!

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