Not all wedding parties are created equal and picking your wedding party correctly will greatly determine your level of fun/stress on your wedding day. Here are some tips to help put together the perfect group.

No Divas

If you have a friend that likes to make everything about them, do not pick them for your wedding party. Instead choose helpful, loyal people who have the same goals for your wedding as you do. Don’t be afraid to fire a bridesmaid or groomsmen either if they show their true colors later.

Helpfulness is Key

Yes, it is called a “wedding party” but you gotta work to get to the big day. Bridesmaids (especially the maid of honor) are supposed to help the bride with wedding plans, DIY projects, planning a wedding shower and/or bachelorette party, etc. Groomsmen should be prepared to help as well. If there is decor or tables that need to be set up this job can traditionally fall to members of the wedding party. Once the hard work is over it’s time to let loose and have fun.

Public Speaking

Before you pick the members of your wedding party ask yourself, “will this person be a good public speaker if they are to give a toast?” AND “will this person share stories about how we used to play catch while sitting on the toilet as kids.?” (True Story. I heard this story at a wedding in 2017 and the couple was mortified.)

Knows how to Dance or At Least Will Try After A Few Drinks

If you plan to have dancing at your wedding the wedding party should be the first to hit the floor and the last to leave. Their enthusiasm will be infectious!

Last but not Least

The members of your wedding party will be in your wedding photos FOREVER. Make sure they are not fair weather friends. Choose only people who you will want to talk to in 15+ years and have been there for you in the past. If that means you have a small wedding party, that’s okay. Not everyone you know needs to stand up with you at your wedding.