One of the coolest parts of being a wedding photographer is that you never see the same wedding twice. Yes, there is a basic structure to how a wedding goes, but with so many different cultures and traditions in our world, it’s impossible to bring two different people together along with two different sets of families and not see a lot of variation. Many couples I work with have planned diligently to make their wedding day personalized and unique. Often it can feel like the only thing that is the same on the wedding day is the fact that vows are exchanged! That being said there are four things that I love to photograph on the wedding day that all weddings have in common. These favorite wedding moments are listed below with a few examples of how they played out differently for each couple.

  1. I Love the Getting Ready Photos! While wedding attire varies, everyone has to get ready for their big day. Brides tend to take a little longer then their grooms (2-3 hrs compared to 20 min.) but that’s okay! It’s so fun to see the girls “getting ready” time being used to catch up with dear friends. Christina and Jeremy were a perfect example of this. Christina and her bridesmaids enjoyed their time laughing and reminiscing. Christina also took the time to write a sweet note to her husband and wrap a special present for him. Later they would exchange these gifts and notes along with a few tears and kisses. bride getting ready ijphoto favorite wedding momentsgroom getting ready ijphoto favorite wedding momentsfavorite wedding moments bride and groom gifts ijphoto
  2.  I Love the Relationships! Getting married is about the union of two people, and every couple has a list of those special people that have to be there on the big day. For Lian, it was her father. You can tell there is a special bond just by the way he looked at her as they went down the aisle. For Ben, it was his brother and best man. During the reception he offered a heartfelt toast to Ben and April then led them in a few rounds of the “shoe game”, which is always a huge hit.favorite wedding moments bride walking down aisle with father ijphotobest man toast shoe game ijphoto favorite wedding moments
  3.  I Love the Personal Touches! For Jina and Jon, their wedding included Korean and American traditions. One of these traditions was the the giving of chestnuts and dried dates to the couple. These objects symbolize respect and diligence. Sometimes they are thrown at the bride, these two opted to collect them in a basket. (Smart choice if you ask me.) The chestnuts can also symbolize how many sons the couple will have.  Jina and Jon went from table to table and visited with each group and collected their nuts and dates in the basket along with a few laughs. Then there was Lisa and Dwight. They had a very special family member as their ring bearer, their dog. This cute little guy came even dressed the part with tux and boutonniere. To date I still consider him one of the best behaved groomsmen I’ve ever come across. favorite wedding moments Korean walnuts and dates ijphoto favorite wedding moments ijphoto
  4. I Love the Kiss! What wedding would be complete without an amazing photo of that perfect kiss? For Ben and April it came during an amazing sunset. For Amanda and Cody, it was their first kiss as man and wife when he grabbed her and literally swept her off her feet! For Rasheedah and Jordan it was during the cocktail hour. After a busy non-stop day this couple finally got a few stolen moments to themselves and their kiss was pure magic.favorite wedding moments ijphoto kissfavorite wedding moments ijphoto kissfavorite wedding moments ijphoto kissCapturing these special moments and many others are the reason I became a wedding photographer and will continue for many years to come. Who wouldn’t want to do my job year after year when you get to tell such lovely stories? If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you capture your favorite wedding moments please call or email to schedule your consultation today.