This first image is on my favorite wedding moments list is because it was a challenging, and I always love a good challenge! The bride had requested a photo of all of the bridesmaids dresses and hers hanging up. The problem was they were getting married at the bride’s family home and the house was FILLED to the brim with people getting ready. There wasn’t a lovely quiet spot inside for this photo to happen naturally. My assistant Kate and I ¬†began walking around the house (keep in mind we are in Yakima in August at high noon) and there isn’t anywhere we can find that isn’t full sun to hang these SEVEN dresses. Then we wander around to the north side of the house and see just a sliver of shade thanks to the roof overhang. The siding made for a natural place to hang the dresses and with the help of a very rickety chair we found on the front porch we were able to get the dresses up. But against the sun bleached siding the dresses didn’t really pop, that is until we took a few steps back behind a very small little tree and I was able to catch some of the leaves framing the top of my image and the sunlight making them glow. The addition of the complementary color and contrast from the dresses plus the out of focus framing really made the shot come together. I wanted just a touch more of the trees on the right side, so I had Kate stand out of frame and hold the tree in place so it looked like it naturally belonged there. In my opinion the best photos are the ones that you have to create, not just find, but in the end look like a happy accident. Thanks for reading!