Monte Cristo Ballroom Wedding

This Everett Wedding Photographer IJ Photo has shot at the Monte Cristo Ballroom many times. It’s a historic space that offers lots of great food and sights for both the couple and their guests.

Lindsey and Kenny’s was really fun and so perfect. They are so sweet together and I loved how they shared the same sense of humor. Our day started with Lindsey in the bridal suite with her sisters and bestie maid of honor. Meanwhile, Kenny was upstairs solving Rubik cubes and playing video games with his friends. When the guys were dressed we took a little trip around the block for some group portraits. I went back to see Lindsey and found her reading notes from Kenny and opening a gift from him. The shirt he gave her totally cracked us all up.

Rain on Your Wedding Day

They say it’s good luck but I am still on the fence. By the time Lindsey and her girls were ready for photos, the sky decided to open up. We took pics in the lovely balcony and other spaces instead. I was moved to tears during the first look with Lindsey’s brother/officiant, and her father. Guests began to arrive and the ceremony was soon underway.

One of my favorite moments during the ceremony was when Kenny said “Sure” instead of “I do”. Lindsey always gets annoyed with him for saying sure all of the time and he knew he couldn’t miss this golden opportunity. Everyone laughed when he said it, even his new wife. In perfect Monte Cristo Ballroom style, confetti dropped as these two sealed their vows with a kiss.

Everett Wedding Photographer IJ Photo: No Umbrella Required

It seemed like the rain was behind us right after the ceremony when I set out with Lindsey and Kenny for some couple’s portraits around Everett. We lucked out too because just as we arrived back at the Monte Cristo Ballroom thunder cracked and sheets of rain descended!

The rest of the wedding was luckily indoors and the only drops insight were teardrops from family and friends during some heartfelt toasts. Tears fell again during the first dances and father/daughter dances. It was a beautiful and heartfelt evening. Days like this one leave me feeling a renewed sense of the good that exists in humanity. Love really can conquer all.