The Escala is a luxury highrise just minutes from the heart of downtown Seattle’s best shopping centers. It is also the home of Yvette and Scott. This pair would probably proclaim themselves “urbanites”. They love their residence and having their wedding downstairs from their home was a thrill. Our day started out at the home of Yvette’s parents in West Seattle for hair and makeup. Upon completion, the entire party went to Christ our Hope, Catholic Church just a few blocks from the Escala. During this lovely ceremony the couple received great wisdom from their priest, were blessed, and counseled. Their family shared lovely readings with the assembled audience and Scott and Yvette made sacred promises.  Like with most Catholic weddings, flash wasn’t an option. Luckily I had beautiful natural light thanks to the lovely windows that surround the small chapel.

Yvette’s heritage was highlighted in little ways. During their entrance to the reception guests greeted them by waving bengal covered scarves and cheering for joy! Other details worth noticing included the lovely floral arrangements, the tables named after the couple’s favorite local restaurants, and silver “Y” and “S” monogramed on their wedding cake.

The toasts were especially heartfelt, and the dances were moving. Yvette’s father is suffering from dementia. She worried he wouldn’t remember her wedding at all. During their dance he smiled and seemed to really be proud of his daughter. As their dance finished, Yvette and her mother shared an emotional hug. It was obvious how much these little moments mean to their family.

This bride and groom came from very different cultures, it was beautiful to see friends and family unified in celebrating their love. It was obvious that all in attendance love this pair very much and want a lifetime of joy and happiness for them. I want to add that I feel exactly the same way and wish them all of the very best for all the years head.

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