Perfect Location

Discovery Park engagement sessions are some of my favorite because of the park’s versatility. There are woods, tall grass meadows, flowering trees, wildflower fields, a beach complete with a lighthouse, rolling hills, and historic buildings. Dan and Trang chose Discovery Park for their engagement session I love the results. Trang chose a lovely hi/low floral print dress. Through our whole shoot, the wind would pick up and move her dress, adding a touch of romance to each photo. Plus Dan and Trang have a deep connection. He is so sweet to her! And she compliments him so well. Together they were so easy to photograph it’s almost a crime!

My favorite photos from Discovery Park engagement session came when we found a small bunch of flowering cherry trees near the middle of the grassy meadow. I had not previously seen these trees, and I had no idea they were in full bloom until we got close to them. The sun was shining low through the branches behind them, creating some really beautiful backlighting. Dan effortlessly picked up Trang and dipped her back for a kiss.

Love and Sunset

Another favorite moment was at the beach. Normally it’s difficult to get a shot at this location because of the number of other people attempting to do the same thing, but on this cool, windy evening we were there practically alone. The sunset was perfect! As the sky turned brilliant shades of fuchsia and purple, Trang and Dan wandered down the path from the lighthouse and cuddled together on the beach.

This session was a great reminder that you don’t need a lot of different locations or outfits for beautiful results. All you really need is a diverse location and a couple who love everything about each other. I can’t wait for their wedding this October at Trinity Tree Farm! If this Discovery Park engagement session is any indication of their commitment and deep love, then we are all in for an amazing event.