Beau Lodge is Bow, Washington is a wonderful hidden gem that you have to see to believe. Even in the pouring rain this venue was the perfect location for Erica and Nate’s big day. I loved the manicured gardens, the open meadows, the winding paths, and the groves of lovely trees. Most of all I loved being a part of a wonderful couple’s wedding. Nothing makes me happier then celebrating the love between two people. Nate and Erica might be quiet people but their love comes through loud and clear in their photos!

Other fun details were their wedding cake, (inspired by their love of video games), some lovely florals and decorations by Wonderstruck Events Design, and a deer! Gotta love when nature shows up just in time for a photo! My two favorite photos came just after the ceremony. The rain clouds started to break up and the sun appeared just as it was setting behind the trees. I saw this and quickly snapped a photo of the venue as I waited for the couple to come out for a quick photo before night set in. (Above) After inhaling their dinner, Nate and Erica joined me and my second photographer Kate, in the grove of trees for one final portrait and I’m so glad they did! Check out this wedding highlights slideshow to see the photo I was describing (it’s the first one) and many more! Oh, and if you see a really lovely guestbook, I made that for them from photos we did during their engagement shoot. It was really fun to see the photos I did for them at the wedding and hear guests raving about it!

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If you would like to learn more about Beau Lodge you can check out their website at: If you are interested in booking me for your wedding please call me at 425.232.5263 to check rates and availability. Select dates for 2018 are still available.