How NOT to be a Ballard Same-Sex Wedding Photographer

When Cisco and Dustin first talked to me at the Seattle Wedding Show I totally put my foot in my mouth. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I remember thinking, “They are NEVER going to hire me.” Then, to my surprise, they set up a consultation. During our first appointment, I was so nervous! There were two very smart, amazing, ( and handsome) men who wanted me to be their photographer. I hadn’t shot an LGBT wedding in over two years and my portfolio needed some diversity, BAD. My nerves were showing, but I really, really wanted that job! I don’t know exactly why, but they took a chance on this socially awkward camera jockey and in August of 2018 they were married at The Canal and I was their Ballard Same-Sex Wedding Photographer.

Their day started at a local AirBnB with their two best men. Getting ready photos were fun in the space they chose. I noticed immediately that this couple has a charming and genuine connection.

We opted to do portraits of Dustin and Cisco around the Ballard neighborhood. I love this area and chose some of my favorite spots near the Hotel Ballard as our backdrops.

We then headed to the Ballard (Hiram M. Chittenden) Locks for photos with family before moving next door to The Canal for the ceremony and reception.

A Heartfelt Ceremony

Dustin and Cisco both mentioned in the vows they had prepared that Cisco loved to tell long, detail-filled stories. They lovingly referred to this as “Mexican story time.” This made everyone in attendance laugh and displayed their care for one another. I found it heartwarming!

The reception was a great opportunity for friends to gather and really enjoy themselves. The cocktail hour was beautiful. Guests shared laughter and beverages along the terrace as boats floated by and the sun dropped behind the horizon. After dinner, both best men shared funny and endearing stories about their friends before a first dance and cake cutting. I loved that their adorable puppy who couldn’t attend the wedding was represented on the cake topper!

Meant to Be

When the day was over I was filled with gratitude for Dustin and Cisco’s willingness to see me as an artist. They saw past my lack of experience in same-sex weddings, and my awkwardness, to the person I wanted to be for them. I hope that the photographs I captured for them met their expectations and showed their genuine connection. Being apart of their wedding was a blessing. I will always be grateful for their trust.

From the Couple

  • Where did you get your wedding attire and who designed it? Men’s Wearhouse (designed by us 🙂 
  • Where did you get your accessories cuff links, wedding party gifts, veil, etc? If you found them in an etsy store please share a link with me?  Wedding gifts came from esty (sand ceremonyglasses and flask gift box
  • Who was your florist? Pike Place Market
  • Who made your wedding cake and other sweets? Borracchini’s Bakery
  • Who was your caterer? Jewel Hospitality
  • Who was your DJ? Bamboo Beats
  • Jeweler? David Yurman
  • Officiant? Jay Sandal
  • What were some DIY projects you put together? We went quite minimal as I’m sure you noticed and avoided DIY projects due to our lack of artistic abilities 🙂 
  • Why did you choose your venue? The moment we walked in we both new it was perfect. Plus it had a water view and area for an outdoor ceremony.