This little guy is one of the sweetest babies I have photographed ever (my kids included!). Garrett’s parents were wedding clients of mine not too long ago and now I’m happy to be capturing photos of him as part of the Baby Bundle Plan they ordered. The Baby Bundle Plan is 5 photography sessions that cover your baby’s first year from Maternity to 12 months. Best of all, it comes with a baby album with photos from each session so you can have those lovely memories for years to come. But, enough about the Baby Bundle Plan, let’s talk about Garrett!

newborn baby portrait ijphoto gone fishingGarrett’s father is in the coast guard, so naturally his son’s life has some nautical influence. At his newborn portraits we photographed this little guy asleep in a decorative boat that’s designed to be a table top shelf. Of course we were safe and warm in on land, but later I photographed the boat actually in the water of Lake Stevens. Thanks to the magic of Photoshop I combined these two images and created a photo his parents loved. Which gave me the idea that it would be fun to do more photos with the boat in our next sessions. It was this crazy notion that made me wade waist deep into the freezing waters of Lake Stevens this morning at sunrise.

You see, I had the idea to photograph Garrett heading out to visit dad at work, but of course the boat I had used for this newborn session was less then “sea worthy”; so the only solution was a photoshopping project once again. Last weekend I photographed Garrett in the studio. He was still waking up from his nap so I only got a little smile out of him before he decided he wanted out of the boat, but I wasn’t going for big grins on this one anyway, a big smile might seem out of context, and no smile might look like he was being abandoned. I got what I was looking for, a sweet little smirk that showed off his adorable mess of blonde hair and cute dimple. original image for photo composite ijphotoNow all I needed to do was find a lake that had perfect light, calm water, and photograph my little boat floating in it. After doing a little searching I discovered that sunrise at my hometown lake would fit the bill. Now, with these kinds of composite images it’s super important that the lighting, angles, focal length, and exposure, match as much as possible. This morning’s sunrise sadly, left a lot to be desired, so I waded out with a speed-light flash on a light stand and used it to faked the sunrise. For the next hour I repeated the following pattern: Step one, put the boat in the water a few feet from shore. Step two, carefully wade back as to not disturb the water too much. Step three, drop my face to the ground and photographed the boat, hoping to get it in focus before it floated too far or turned the wrong direction. I was pretty thankful that no one was at the park yet, because I was putting on an interesting show. boat on the lake ijphotoFinally I got the images I was looking for and now all I needed to do was spend 3 hours blending them together, creating small waves  so the reflection of my boats little passenger looks believable, and adding more background on the left side to create a square crop. I’m pretty happy with the results and hope his parents like it just as much as the other wall portraits they’ve already purchased (both with Garrett in the boat- what a cute set it will make!).

baby photo composite ijphoto

Later in our session Garrett did give me some of his amazing goofy grins, here’s a few samples. Side note: the photo with the swing also took several hours of Photoshop work to remove his mom’s arm and the boxes under the seat. It wouldn’t have been safe to put this little guy on a real swing since sitting up is a skill he’s just mastered. My favorite though is the photo with the Kissing booth because I got to decorate him with lipstick and it was so fun to listen to him giggle as I kissed him all over!baby portrait ijphotoijphoto baby portraitbaby portrait ijphoto

If you are interested in learning more about the Baby Bundle Plan, my work with children and infants, or how I like to use Photoshop, send me an email at [email protected] .