Seattle Wedding at Axis Pioneer Square

Axis Pioneer Square is a historic building with tons of charm and the perfect space for a wedding! Jen and Devin chose it because they liked the old brick, wood floors and flexibility with multiple spaces. I have loved this space since it first opened and was happy to work there with such an adorable couple! Here’s details of how this beautiful day went.


Renaissance Hotel

Both Devin and Jennifer started their day getting ready downtown. Jen and her bridesmaids went to Swink Style Bar and Devin and his groomsmen enjoyed some laughs and shared a drink at the Renaissance Hotel as they prepped for the ceremony. Devin had very thoughtfully put together some monogrammed gifts for his groomsmen. He also wore custom cufflinks with their his and Jen’s initials, plus a chain necklace that I believe once belong to his father.  Jennifer and the bridesmaids returned to the hotel post makeup and quickly dressed. (I found their speed impressive since I’ve often seen this take a very long time!) Both bride and groom separately headed to St. Mark’s. It was important to them that Devin see Jennifer for the first time when she walked down the aisle.


I loved seeing a smile cross Devin’s face as his future wife appeared in the doorway! He even seemed to visibly relax at the sight of her. Their ceremony was beautiful and the amazing church only added to the specialness of the occasion. I loved seeing this couple steal moments together. Catholic weddings are often solemn but Devin and Jennifer are two people who love to laugh. It was in these little moments I found their connection most obvious.

Party People!

Once the ceremony had concluded and family photos were done the bridesmaids and groomsmen plus the newlyweds jumped in the party bus and headed for the waterfront. I loved the candid photos, my assistant, Lydia Brewer got during their ride! The group loves to have fun and especially loved being together. The laughter continued at the cruise terminal and then a local park Jennifer had requested before heading to Axis Pioneer Square. Just the couple and I took a few moments to wander around the block and into Occidental Park for a few more pics prior to their grand entrance.

Perfect Reception Spot

The fun didn’t stop with the party bus. I loved the toasts, their animated cake cutting, and romantic first dance! Jennifer and Devin did a DIY project for their favors. They gifted everyone with a pair of socks! Each pair was wrapped with a label encouraging them to dance and enjoy the fun. It was wonderful to see some many people do just. Before all of the fun was over Devin and many of the guests grabbed a hot dog in the alley from Dante’s Inferno Dogs (a personal favorite of mine!)

This Axis Pioneer Square wedding was an epic event! I enjoyed being able to witness all of the fun and laughter and celebrate their union. Congrats Jennifer and Devin!


Wedding Dress:  I Do Bridal – Rebecca Ingraham

Grooms Attire:

Veil: Family Heirloom

Jewelry: Nordstroms

Bridesmaids Attire: David’s Bridal

Cuff Links:

Florist: Scott Chang in Pike Place Market

Desserts: Morfey’s Cake

Caterer: Duo’s

DJ: DJ Spinja aka Glenn Rimando

Wedding Coordinator: Lauryn Takisaki

Hair and Makeup: Swink Style Bar

Snacks: Dante’s Inferno Dogs

Photobooth: 321foto

Decor: Prop Gallery Events