Last week I told you about the great vendors that helped make my styled shoot come together. I highlighted all of the people who were physically present, but this week I want to give some special attention to a silent partner who’s work made the entire shoot possible. Vintage Ambiance is best source for decor in the Pacific Northwest. Their inventory can only be described as all encompassing! Items can be found within the following categories, furniture, architecture, lighting, tabletop (place settings and more), as well as a variety of small and large pieces to fit any antique lover’s needs. As a photographer its hard not to drool while browsing all of their items. For our shoot we used their collection for one stop shopping. But don’t take my word for it, I have photographic proof!

ij photo seattle wedding photographer irene jones (63)The tables in our shoot were a major player. We used a variety of gold trimmed dishes to play up the eclectic vibe we love, plus this perfect gold plaited silverware. This was then paired with a variety of glasses (all mixed and matched of course) giving everyone something special, unique, and historical to enjoy.ij photo seattle wedding photographer irene jones (128)We were especially fond of the old liquor bottles, books, and decanters that became our centerpieces. When paired with the signature feathers and cigar box floral arrangements, the tables became a great focal point.

Around the venue other wonderful vignettes took shape thanks to the support of Vintage Ambiance. Here are some of the great pieces we used.

ij photo seattle wedding photographer irene jones (8) ij photo seattle wedding photographer irene jones (139) ij photo seattle wedding photographer irene jones (144) ij photo seattle wedding photographer irene jones (147)The art deco lines of the blue turfed chairs were probably my favorite! I would love to have these in my own home. Their lines were a perfect complement to our shoot. The movie projector and cabinet complete with golden serving trays made a wonderful accent as well. We used it to display the favors which were vintage skeleton keys. These pieces added atmosphere and authenticity to our shoot. But one element that I think stands out above the rest is the glass door knob escort card and signage holders. These door nobs are a perfect example of how recycling can add whimsy to your event. Best of all the glass has historical accuracy for the time period we were trying to reference, the 1920’s.

ij photo seattle wedding photographer irene jones (132)Finally, I can’t forget to mention the chairs. I LOVED that Vintage Ambiance had a great selection of chairs in a variety of styles, but similar finishes. Just like the plates, the ability to mix and match styles while keeping visual continuity was great! ijphoto_clubhouse_on_queen_anne_seattle_wedding (3) copy

When looking through the whole inventory of items available through Vintage Ambiance it’s easy to see that they have done the work for you! They have collected and maintain pieces of history that will lend themselves perfectly to your wedding day. And their selection will not disappoint. It is obvious that countless hours have gone into amassing these pieces and TLC is taken with them day in and day out. My thanks is not enough because our shoot simply could not have happened without them. So, ladies, this is the place! Please check out Vintage Ambiance for your celebration, they are not to be missed!

If you want to see more images from this shoot please check out last week’s post!