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Ask A Pro

Ask A Pro

In high school I was voted “Most likely to become a Journalism/Photography Teacher.” And while I have never formally earned a teaching certificate, I have spent most of my career teaching and/or mentoring other photographers.  Photography is more accessible today then at any point in history. We carry cameras in our cell phones, laptops, and Ipads. More images are being created and shared today then ever before. On October 14, 2008 Facebook announce that 10 billion photos had be unloaded to their social networking site. 2.5 billion, on average, are added monthly. Photography is shaping the world as we know it, yet too many of us know very little about how to create an image properly. It is my hope to change the way we use our cameras each day.

There is a vast amount of information about photography available online. A Google search this morning returned 431,000,000 results for the query ”Learn Photography.”  The problem with most of these resources is they don’t speak directly to the issues you’ve experienced. I want to help you find answers to the who, what, where, when, and why questions that you can’t seem to find the answers for in your camera manual. I promise to use layman’s terms, answer the “stupid questions”, and as often as possible use videos, images, and diagrams to help illustrate the information you need. You’re job is to ask questions. Leave a comment. Post a photo that went horribly wrong. If there is an answer, I’ll find it!

To get the ball rolling I have polled some of my  friends to see what photography questions keep them up late at night. Their questions are listed below. As I post answers to each question I’ll update this page with a link to that post. I’d love to make this an extensive reference guide that any user (no matter the skill level) can easily access. Please help me make this blog a success by submitting your questions, comments, and photos via email or the comment section below. You can send your questions and photos to: irene@ijphoto.net.

  • I can’t afford a DLSR right now, how can I make the most of the point and shoot camera?
  • What home software do you suggest for the non-pro user?
  • How do I know if I’m ready to for a DLSR?
  • What is the secret to looking good in front of the camera?
  • How do I create HDR photographs?
  • What lens should every photographer own?
  • How do I take portraits indoors?
  • How do I use all of the different modes (ie portrait mode, sports mode, etc) effectively?
  • What are some tips for taking better photos of my kids?
  • Why do all of my pictures look really blue outside and really yellow inside?
  • How do I make the background blurry and the subject in focus?
  • I’m having trouble understanding the relationship of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO and how they work together to create an exposure, can you help?

More to come!