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Working with Irene:

I specialize in wedding and lifestyle portraiture. What does that mean? It’s real life photography. Portraits aren’t stiff and unnatural. I focus of finding the true beauty in all of us and bringing that to light. I look for the emotional moments that connect us all.  Sessions are done on location or in my amazing 4000 sq. ft studio located in Ballard.

More importantly, I’m a non-profit photographer. When you book your session with me I donate the majority of the of the proceeds from your wedding, portrait session, and subsequent order to the charity of your choice. Why? There are three reasons.

1. I feel that the family unit is sacred. I believe that portraits are an extension of this. The love we share within our homes is more valuable than anything else in this life and is worth commemorating and celebrating through art. What better way to do this then by building a personalized family history through photography?

2. Charitable giving is a responsibility. My life is so blessed. I have a kind and patient husband, three loving children, and a comfortable lifestyle. I feel I would be remiss if I did not share my prosperity by giving to others. I believe that each of us has a responsibility to reach out with compassion towards our fellow men no matter the circumstances. When we help others that we find ourselves and feel the purest kind of happiness.

3. Community is our greatest tool. When we all work together towards a common goal, great things can be accomplished. My clients partner with me to extend our circle of influence to the hungry, sick, and needy. I am only one person, I can only do so much to change the world; but when we all come together we are powerful! I know that great things can be accomplished by those with willing hearts.

What does this mean for you?

Ijphoto Personalized Photography

Photographing weddings for over a decade has taught me two things. First, weddings are always intimate events (even when you invite 400 people). You are promising to share your whole soul with someone you love, what can be more personal? On your wedding day your photographer plays a pivotal role. You don’t want someone you’ve never seen responsible for your most sacred experiences! Instead I want you to feel like I am an old friend long before you walk down the isle.  I want you to be in the moment and let me worry about the details. My intent with every couple is to build a relationship of trust that will last a lifetime. To do this we meet and discuss your wedding prior to booking and then again a few weeks before the event. I listen, take notes, and we plan together all of the “must have shots” so nothing valuable is missed.  When the last piece of cake is served, and every champagne flute is emptied, you can rest assured that everything is perfectly frozen for all time with artful skill and precision.

The second great lesson of my career is this; being a great photographer isn’t about what camera you use, or how many pictures you take. It’s about story telling. The best portraits are bits of truth painted with light. And there is only one way to create art, you have to abandon yourself to it. I live, breathe, eat, and sleep, photography. It is a compulsion. I have always felt a deep need for the creative process. Nothing is more satisfying then turning the visions within my head into tangible masterpieces.  I believe that when I create portraits for my clients I am giving them a gift that will only increase in value. I am build personal histories with artistic licence. The question you must ask yourself is “what is that worth to me?” If you value every moment shouldn’t you hire a photographer that does too?

Weddings are a celebration of life, love, and the goodness that binds us together. I am honored every time a client chooses me as their photographer, humbled by the responsibility it brings, and determined to make the most of every click of my shutter. But don’t take my word for it, please review the testimonials page to learn first hand what my clients are saying. (References are available upon request.)

Wedding packages start at $2500 for all day coverage. (Review wedding package pricing here.) Clients are encouraged to meet with me to review my work and albums prior to booking. During this appointment we will create a personalized package that specifically meets your needs. A variety of options can be added including albums, wall portraits, engagement sessions, 2nd photographers, and even wedding announcements.  Call me today (425.232.5263) to check availability for your wedding or event.

Approved Charitable Organizations

Below are links to organizations that have a high quality reputation for outstanding work in their area of expertise. I have chosen these charities for their effectiveness and commitment to their cause. While there are many reputable organizations with important causes, I feel it’s best to donate my salary to those who will use is to save life, preserve hope, and educate future generations. It is my belief that when we work together for the greater good we elevate the definition of humanity. The charities listed below have made a habit of doing just that year after year.

The Red Cross

Volunteers of America

Salvation Army

Doctors Without Borders

National Military Families Association

Your Local Food Bank

Scholarship America

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