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Jenny and J.T. Wedding Sneak Peek

Jenny and J.T. Wedding Sneak Peek

“That’s the field where we would run for gym class, “J.T. explained as we walked around Whitman Middle School on Saturday. “I would run as fast as I could so I could go talk to Jenny.” He admitted. You see Jenny and J.T. met when they were just 12 years old and attending middle school. Now, years later this lovely pair, joined with their two children, family, and friends to celebrate their past and future. After their ceremony we took a short detour to their former school yard to capture a few quick photos. Earlier in the day we visited Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island. Only a few minutes after arriving it began to rain. After sending the wedding party back to the limo, Jenny and J.T. braved the weather so I could capture this shot over the lake. wedding irene jones ijphoto luther burbank park mercer island Their ceremony was filled with loving glances and a few tears too. It was easy to see that their love was a deep and abiding. To the happy couple I want to add my congratulations on not only your wedding day but a thank you for allowing me to witness the beauty that is in your hearts. It’s weddings like yours that make me feel blessed. wedding irene jones ijphoto   wedding irene jones ijphoto wedding irene jones ijphoto   wedding irene jones ijphoto wedding irene jones ijphoto wedding beach irene jones ijphoto wedding beach irene jones ijphoto wedding beach irene jones ijphoto

Win An Engagement Session!

True Love. It’s something we all want, rejoice in when we see it in others, and once in a great while we have the privilege of sharing it. My daily work routine puts me in the path of many couples who have found real lasting love. It’s always an honor to learn more about aContinue Reading

Engagement Session Sneak Peek: Cary and Rachel

True love is easy to spot when you know what the signs are. Often it’s a look, or a little action. It’s the willingness to put the other person’s happiness before anything else. It’s wanting to help, to hold, and to share. Cary proposed to Rachel in a surprising way. He planned a surprise birthdayContinue Reading

Planning your Seattle Engagement Photo Session

This time of year I am knee deep in engagement photo sessions. 99% of my wedding clients book an engagement session and many couples considering me for their 2015 wedding will book an engagement session as a sort of “try-before-you-buy” scenario. I’ve been shooting wedding and engagements here in Seattle for 15 years and I’veContinue Reading

Seattle UW Cherry Blossoms Shoot

L ast week my daughter turned 8. As I was walking down my stairs I noticed that the portrait of her was now officially 4 years old. Without any hesitation I loaded the car with gear, and we were off to Seattle for  a mother/daughter photo session. In our family, a yearly photo excursion withContinue Reading